Vision of the Bhartiya Shiksha Board

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‘आत्मवत् सर्वभूतेषु'

हितोपदेश, मित्रलाभ 14

Atmavat Sarvabhuteshu

(One should feel the happiness and distress of others as his own.)

  • The vision of the Bhartiya Shiksha Board (BSB) thus is to empower children to rise above the narrow confines of caste, language, color and belief and instill in them ‘Vaishvik Drishtikone- a Global Vision’ that promotes a harmonious relationship between all the living and non-living elements of the Universe and works toward universal good of all. The curriculum and textbooks shall focus on character-building through value-based education and also train children to apply their acquired knowledge, skills, and talents ethically, respect and preserve all elements of nature and learn to live harmoniously and sustainably.

‘सा विद्या या विमुक्तये’

(विष्णुपुराण- १/१९/४१)

Sā Vidyā Yā Vimuktaye’

(That which liberates is knowledge.)

  • Inspired by the National Education Policy 2020, the BSB textbooks make a conscious and determined effort to free the children and youth from the western biases and influences that have been harbored in their minds due to centuries of colonial rule and also the contemporary materialistic mindset that has been developed due to the rampant western culture in the modern Bhartiya society.
  • Shradheya Swamiji and Acharya Ji are resolute in developing awareness about a balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and regular practice of Yog for physical fitness and mental wellness among the children. The curriculum and textbooks of the Bhartiya Shiksha Board have integrated information, knowledge, and skills of yoga, meditation, and ayurveda through critical thinking and experiential learning. It is our objective that children should become lifelong practitioners of Ashtanga Yoga.

‘आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः’

(ऋग्वेद- १/८९/१)

‘Aa No Bhadraah Kratavo Yantu Vishvatah’

(Let noble thoughts come from all directions.)

  • Bhartiya Shiksha Board has devised a national education system that takes due cognizance of the latest scientific research happening in the field of brain development, child development and learner-centered pedagogy and combines them with qualities of our own Bhartiya model of schooling – The Gurukul system and Guru Shishya Parampara. The BSB curriculum, therefore, is an eclectic blend of ancient Indian wisdom and knowledge systems with modern scientific knowledge and technology.